Summer Love

His white summer shirt

And tears to quench the thirst

Of unrequited love gone summer love,

The same love never saw his first.

Hydrolysed diamonds,

Her tears had a price

To settle the dust of summer love,

Extinguish the fire burning inside.

The detestation took the detriment 

She had her life stuck in a blizzard,

She wanted the warmth of summer love,

But was curtailed by the faith.

Bullet to the brain, nation’s duty,

But the lover’s picture looked at the bump,

Her summer love left her a gift

To live a life of  lost-triumph.



Would you be the dark clouds?

Cumulonimbus, that shrouds

The darkest of the nights,

Because the Thunder has it’s sights.

I have lost the hope

From the unparalleled rays, cope

With the mysterious demise 

Of my love, from your eyes.

I still remember your curls vividly

Creating a silhouette in my heart, distinctly 

Stating my heart has lost the battle

Of survival, broken at hull.

And you were that sailor I want to ride

With the audacious waves in my life,

Certainly not more and nothing less,

Just a tryst abreast the loch-ness. 

But you want me to find someone else,

You say it’s not me but you, yet who else

Would have pervade my chem lab

With sniggering, but now an inanimate gab.
So once again let your Thunder 

Camouflage my darkness,

Nothing else can illuminate 

Me now, except your love, princess.


Scar And Melody

It’s good you’re gone,

And finally 

Told me I am not the one,

You’re not ready

To fall in love

But tell me,

What if five years from now I still

Whisper your name in sleep.

You’re beautiful,

But you never believed

The sacrifices I did

To make you see,

Cold ground 

On which I ditched

My love for you


Oh I loved you,

With your scar and melody,

Oh I loved you,

The sarcasms that used to be.
I had one last chance 

To be happy,

End up with

“Marry me?”,

But nothing’s perfect, not even 

The shape of heart, maybe

You don’t touch wounds

Until they heal,

And you don’t touch those hearts

That don’t belong to thee,

Could have tested my love for

Doubts on authenticity.

I love you my love,

But I don’t want you to be

Anymore around,

Stay far away from the vicinity.

Oh I loved you,

With your scar and melody,

Oh I loved you, with all the perfections

Which my eyes can still see.


How long 

Would I be just another friend,

Someone you trust,

Think has tender heart,

Someone with well-being thirst,

A pillow to talk

A shoulder when you burst,

Someone who makes you laugh.
I smile sometimes 

At myself,

All I have been is

Just a friend,

And you kiss

My cheeks with a feeling,

But I miss,

Sadly I miss that feel completely.
My pillows tend to the tears,

And guitar sing the loneliness,

Wish my friend you had the fears

The fears of lost and hopelessness.

And I don’t intent to tell my feelings,

I fear to lose you as a friend,

But I do long to be with you,

Feel the same spasms till the end.


Torrential downpour

Of pain and suffering,

And you could all end

This with a smile,

I could be more than

Just a friend,

Walk with you the rest of

Your life, each and every mile.
So would you ever love me?

Am I be stuck in this no man’s land?

The hollow scars

Would haunt.

And do I have to find you?

A way where you could love and

Touch the soul

The same way I want.

Fifty Shades

​Why is everytime 

I watch Christian 

I think of you as Ana?

Why is everytime

I see him kneel with the ring, the hearts

And flowers, I think of you as Ana?

All those promises 

Why it reminds me of us?

Of the better times.

Why it tears my 


In a watery grave.

I have nothing left,

Nothing to brag off

I see more women,

But why is that I can’t find

Just one to replace you?

Our relationship have 

Fifty shades,

Oh it’s “had” I’m sorry,

You told me that.

But every night I miss

Your skin on me,

And your lips on mine.

Every night I miss the way 

You wiped my tears

And made me smile.

Is there a way

Things could go well 


’cause I can’t find someone 

To replace you,

Or your love.

No one could love

Me more than you did 

I miss the way you made me feel love.

Who Am I Without You?

I love you when I close my eyes,

I did hurt you, said things I shouldn’t have,

Forgive me if tonight your love dies,

You say you’re happy talking to him.

Nothing hurts more than to love in silence,

Your broken heart brought him close,

Said nothing would ever make me change,

But I die here each night and nobody knows.
And I tried to win you back,

Each time,

A million times,

But I have failed.

And I tried to give that love back,

You deserved,

But million times,

Away you sailed.

So give me a reason to be alive now,

And who am I without you?

Promises were tales tall, But love left stout,

And who am I without you?
I wish I could take back the lines I said,

A little place in your heart left?

And I am no one to beg

That you find me in him.

And that you no longer feel the burden,

Kiss his lips gently, no feint tries,

So its good you drew the curtains

The curtains that separate our lives.
No more I’ll win you back,

Not this time,

Cause million times,

I have failed.

And I tried to give that love back,

You deserved,

But million times,

But give me a reason to be alive now,

And who am I without you?

My promises were tales tall, but love never short,

And who am I without you?

Away you sailed.

I am no one without you.


I have a friend and the thing is that she still loves her ex. Both of them are great personalities and according to me they were the perfect couples.

It’s difficult to forget someone you love. They become irreplaceable. Has modernisation led to the downfall of happiness? Because most of the parents want their children to be married with traditional values. 

Earlier they lived in their traditional thresholds and thus were able to find happiness within those boundaries or rather were forced to. Now people see the world. They meet new people of different caste, creed and with different thoughts. They fall in love with them.

Is it not too much to ask their children to still follow traditional values when it comes to something like love? How can a jain not love someone other than jain or a muslim not fall for a hindu or a brahmin not for kshatriya? 

I don’t know. I respect my parents. But is this completely necessary anymore? You need modernisation in your life but not in your thoughts? This is something that needd to be explained.


She is a wildflower,

You can smell her alive,

She is a wildflower,

She makes my love go shy.

That is how she feels mine.
My love never goes to waste,

I love her but never expect,

She feels the chill of your bones,

What’s left is left alone.

She smiles to your lameness,

A bond you’d never like to break,

There’s nothing to see on the top,

But wildflowers mean what’s inside.
She is a wildflower,

She took my heart by a smile,

She is a wildflower,

Would she ever be mine.

She is a wildflower,

You could never gift to anybody

But wildflowers are meant,

To be alive for somebody.

I am in love with you my wildflower.