Why you don’t look at me anymore?

I tried to kiss you goodbye to school

Brother, but you were so cold,

Just stared hollow in my eyes.

You said you loved me, your sister,

But now you say no more,

Just stare at me as i cry,

Dont you love me anymore?

I share with you my secrets,

The guys i had crush on,

But you dont even flinch

Even when i cry on your shoulder.

I bathe you everyday, dress you up,

But still you smell bad,

Maybe it is finally the time to bury you,

And the love you once had.



The tobacco stained smile

Had it’s own story,

He had his share of gloomy days

And days of glory.

The cracked fingers

And the nicotine patched forearm

Worked in rhythm

As the sniff kept him calm.

A cobbler was he,

He stitched his daughter

To marriage, and polished

His son to border.

And as he wiped the last peck

Of dirt off the Lacoste,

What an uneducated widower can get?

Educated children becoming frost.


He stood at the edge of the bridge,

Burning, as fear gripped his soul,

His life too haunted to be abridged

And sung as a solo.

And he should have stayed

Where his signs held him

As their prisoner, It slowly crept

He wanted to die, will anyone help him?

He failed as a brother,

He failed as a friend,

Depression pushes you farther

Into an undying end.

He had been his culprit all this time,

Prolonging his inevitable fate,

He feared of drowning, he was just a dime

For whom no one cared.

And as he jumps off the end,

He could see their enamoured stares,

A failed brother, a failed friend,

Engulfed by depression, gave up his share.

Wedding Ring

Her wedding ring felt heavy,

Not like ‘Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers!’,

Non-metaphorically heavy.

Surrounded by liars

The 12 year innocent cursed

The bleeding goddess,

And her parents, lost her

Weight of gold, for their princess.

But she was no queen,

Her feud with unhappiness ended,

Atleast Aunt Jennifer was matured,

Where can maturity be rented?

And her wedding ring felt heavy,

Her fingers too fragile for the gold,

Her consort was shady,

To a greedy toad she was sold.

-Tanay Dash

Bird And Butterfly

Helios danced,

Scintillate the entanglement

Which she pretermited,

Heavy yawn made her engagement

Fixed and frozen,

Now stuck,

In the web of despair,

Death had six legs.

Miss butterfly was small,

But forgot

Her wings were beautiful,

She can’t see them,

Down glided the swallow,

And pecked the web apart,

And she danced with unmatched joy,

He indeed was a true friend.